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The rest and relaxation that occurs during the alpha eave state allows the brain and body to heal itself. Be sure to tell your practitioner if you desire to heal an ailment, physical or emotional, and they will work with you to transmute your root cause to the symptoms. 

Stress Relief & Rest

99% of alpha wave explorers report they have the most restful sleep following their sessions. During the alpha wave state, cortisol is reduced dramatically so stress melts away. Alpha waves also stimulate the pineal , which in turn produces more melatonin. Sweet dreams! 


The alpha waves are the bridge to the unconscious, which is full of endless and limitless creativity. During your session you can draw on your experience to solve problems, sort through thoughts, tap into your deep imagination, and access a whole, balanced brain beyond your session. 

Are you tired, achy, over-emotional, or emotionless? Do you feel like you’ve tried everything from medicine to meditation and you are not finding relief? Or maybe you’ve tried meditation and found it didn’t work for you? 


Sometimes we need a guide. Someone to see you, hear you, and hold your hand as you journey into a space of healing and transformation. 


You’re invited to come experience Alpha Wave Adventures to explore the place just beyond your mind. Journey to a realm that is peaceful, joyful, and full of  limitless possibilities for relaxation and healing. 


Some of our explorers have experienced the following: 

  • Fears, habits, and phobias begin to melt away

  • Effortless sense of comfort, peace, happiness, and harmony

  • Total and complete relaxation

  • In the alpha state we learn, process, memorize and recollect large sums of information fast and with peak effectiveness

  • Stress elimination 

  • Physical pain relief 

  • Emotional exploration and transmutation 

  • Negative attitudes turned positive 

  • Reduction of symptoms from neuropathy 

  • Relief from migraine headaches 

  • Improved confidence 

  • A feeling of being held in love 

  • Creative visions 

  • Messages from the heart 

  • Guidance on their path 


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Here's what people are saying

My husband and I met Marly while travelling to Antigua and the instant I met her I felt as if an Angel had crossed my path. I had been dealing with an Auto-immune condition called Hashimoto which targets the Thyroid which I was unable to resolve with diet, suffered from digestion problems and was also feeling paralyzed in the work I had initially set out to do transitioning from a Corporate Banker to a Health Coach and Guide. With Marly´s penetrating presence, guidance and powerful touch, I felt something shifted in my unconscious mind that was holding me back from healing. During our Reiki session, Marly was able to receive the messages that I most needed to hear giving me the necessary clarity to be able to move forward. I truly felt so touched and loved with all the material she personally prepared for me before our session. I am forever grateful to have met such a connected, caring and loving healer. I now understand the connection between my paralysis in my career and health problems I was facing. Today my body is feeling different not only from the session but with the practices suggested in just our first session and having clarity has been priceless.

I know the universe sent Marly to me today.

She is a blessing in my life!

Deborah Edgar

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