Is your team OK with just "good enough"?

Your team is struggling. They’ve fallen into a rut...with each other, with their innovation, and with themselves. You’ve tried some things, some team building or some coaching, but you just can’t shake them from their apathetic state. 


If your team has hit a creative wall, it’s time for them

to access their alpha brainwaves. 


Anchored in science of the brain, the modalities help journeyers reach alpha wave states quickly to access the wealth of effortless creativity flowing just beneath our conscious beta wave state. 


Alpha waves are the bridge to the subconscious: a place of limitless creativity, problem solving, imagination, and relaxation. 


When stress is an ever-present factor and productivity is the dominant driver, the brain’s beta waves actually block the alpha wave experience. This creates a negative feedback loop of more stress, more creative blocks, and more dis-ease of the mind and physical body. 


When an employee or team is experiencing these alpha-wave-blockers, they become disengaged and often leave an organization in hopes of escaping that feeling. 


With the modalities used by  Alpha Wave Adventures, your team is guided to quickly and deeply experience their alpha waves, leading to: 

  • Creative problem solving that has led to award winning campaigns

  • Improved employee engagement and reduced turnover 

  • Peak performance 

  • Unbreakable team bonds and unforgettable experiences

Science Based

All modalities to access Alpha Wave states are based on science. We love to take the latest scientific studies and relationship psychology and translate it into an applicable and entertaining training programs so people can achieve greater levels of creativity, success, and happiness.

Fun & Enjoyable

Workshops and programs are engaging, funny, and connect with every audience member in a light-hearted way! Why? Science shows that when we are having fun while learning the neural transmitter of dopamine is released. This helps boost creative thinking, cognitive capabilities and makes what they're learning stick.

Solution Oriented

Workshops are designed for about 80% of what is shared to be practical and actionable. When we share content, we not only want to stimulate your thinking but also to make sure you know what to do with it and how to apply it immediately. Most attendees report using strategies day 1 up to three years later. 


  • Whole Brain Synchronization: your whole nervous system reorganizes and optimizes itself on progressively higher levels, laying a new foundation of neural pathways, opening up access between your left and right brain hemispheres like never before. Alpha waves give you access to harness the full potential of your left and right brain.

  • Alpha waves are linked to  "super learning" by improving intelligence (IQ), memory, focus, and overall brain power

  • Instantly reduce cortisol, the stress hormone 

  • Gives your brain a break from your to-do list which gives it time to rebuild and rewire neurons to improve memory, your judgement of your experiences, and your overall sense of calm

  • You access an area of your brain that you rarely take time to peek into, meaning you

    • find creative solutions

    • sort through the tougher questions to find answers

    • build your confidence in knowing which direction to take- no matter where you may be headed.

DO we need this? 

Regardless of your type of team, your industry, or your level of experience, the desire and need to remain competitive in your role and with your products and services depends on you accessing those alpha waves. 


If your team needs to be more innovative, they cannot “think” up the unthinkable with the mind. It’s deeper than that. They must go to the space just beyond the mind and explore the depths of creativity by crossing that bridge into the unconscious. 


Schedule a call to start exploring how your team can learn and grow through their own Alpha Wave Adventures today. 




Trena Roberts

The instructor was very engaging. She gave tools that could be used in my everyday life. I really enjoyed her from beginning to the end. Thank you. 

Robbin Ship

I LOVED the workshop. Change can be scary, you make it exciting! I really loved the energy hackers team building exercise. Thank you for coming!

Courtney M. 

I love the enthusiasm and's contagious. You held my attention for the entire two-day workshop! I love the examples you shared and I will employ these tactics with my team ASAP!

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