Meet Marly Fuller, Founder and CEO of

Alpha Wave Adventures

It is such an honor and pleasure to introduce you to the life-saving modalities that I have studied and trained in for two decades. 

After a career in nonprofit communications and leadership, the unmanaged stress led to endless sick days and trips to specialists for MRIs, endoscopies, EKGs, and blood tests. Leaving the job didn't end the symptoms, I had to go to the core. 

While earning my MBA at Virginia Commonwealth University, I noticed a pattern: every product or service we were asked to create was linked to stress management in the workplace. I was taking smart bottles like Vessyl and creating wellness programs, or the Oculus technology to create corporate meditation spaces.

I was studying the brain and how stress had adverse effects on nearly every facet of our lives. After graduating in 2016 with an MBA, I went on to get certified in energy management techniques such as Reiki, biofield manipulation therapies using sound and tuning forks, and traveled to Rishikesh, India to become a meditation teacher & trainer. 

For two years I tested my hypotheses in the workplace and continued to study my favorite state of mind: alpha waves. What I found again and again was that guiding participants to consciously explore their alpha-wave zone led to a number of positive results. Aside from people personally experiencing more joy, satisfaction, and motivation, they were coming up with the most creative ideas to re-engage their teams, reduce turnover, and exceed company goals. 

Additionally, my husband lives with PTSD from a number of experiences in Falluja, Iraq. We have witnessed some pretty miraculous transformations when he is on my adventure table receiving treatment, including deep relaxation (a feat in itself for many veterans), a full night of sleep, and elevated mood. 

For individuals, it's important to know I am not a medical professional. I have been certified in a variety of alternative healing techniques, all of which help you access your alpha wave state faster. Often these techniques work well in-tandem with other treatment you may be receiving, leading to quicker recoveries and reductions in medications. 

For corporations, if you are looking for a fun, engaging, and mind-altering (in the most positive way) experience for your team, you've found it. Let's start exploring! 


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